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Safety Regulations

View the NY Department of Health’s certification of SpringTime Bedding’s guardrail design.

View the Bunk Bed guardrail requirements from the NY State Department of Health

Since June 19, 2000, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has required all new bunk beds that are manufactured for non-institutional use to have guardrails that comply with CPSC Safety Standard for Bunk Beds.

A review of the children's camps injury reports submitted to the Department of Health has shown that falls from bunk beds have resulted in serious injuries to campers of all age groups at camps in New York State.

While the CPSC design standards are effective at preventing injuries from falls, the standards do not apply to bunk beds manufactured prior to June 19, 2000 or to those manufactured for institutional use.

In order to provide for the safety of the campers and staff, section 7-2.16(b) of Subpart 7-2 of the State Sanitary Code pertaining to the operation of a Children's Camp in New York State, was amended during 2004 to require the upper bed of bunk beds be provided with adequate guardrails.

Guardrails that are manufactured and maintained in accordance with the CPSC Safety Standard for Bunk Beds are considered to be in compliance. All other bunk beds used by campers and staff will require the operator of the children's camp to complete an evaluation of the upper bed to determine compliance with the following requirements.

The beds that do not meet these requirements will need to be retrofitted with acceptable guardrails or replaced with beds that comply with this requirement or the CPSC Safety Standard for Bunk Beds by May 2005.

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